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Our delicious fresh fruit products: 

Apples - We sell over 25 different varieties of English Apples including traditional varieties such as the original Cox's Orange Pippin, Laxton Superb, Laxton Fortune, Tydemans Early Worcester, James Grieve, but also new modern varieties such as Braeburn, Royal Gala, Festival, Early Windsor, Fuji, Delbar Estivale.  We are always looking to innovate and have an ongoing programme for trialling new varieties this space!

Pears - Conference, Comice, Concorde

Strawberries - Vibrant, Sonata, Serena, Centenary,  

Raspberries - Maravilla, Glen Ample, Cardinal, 

Blueberries - Duke, BlueCrop

Asparagus - Mondeo, Gijnlim

Cherries - Kordia, Regina, Karina , Penny




Plantsman PO's OP
Programme is financed
with EU aid

Boxford (Suffolk) Farms
were Finalists for the
CSR Excellence Award
at the
FPC FreshAwards

in June 2016