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Current Central and Grower Benefits from the Operational Programme

Items currently included in the Plantsman Operational Programme:

  • Irrigation & fertigation systems
  • Integrated biological pest control and predator systems
  • Central Provision of Advice from FAST, ADAS and others
  • Compliance & testing for plant health and residue levels
  • Assured Produce Schemes and Audits including Nature’s choice, Leaf Marque, Field to Fork etc.
  • Provision of Polytunnels/table top systems/overhead misting systems
  • Provision of Crop Protection Systems/Hail netting
  • Provision of improved harvesting equipment/crop spraying equipment
  • Planting and establishment of improved perennials (apples & blueberries)
  • Central provision of top fruit storage bins 
  • Energy conservation and reduced carbon emissions
  • Improved production facilities/automation of packing/handling facilities
  • Generic promotion of products e.g EAP/Bramley apple campaigns


Plantsman PO's OP
Programme is financed
with EU aid

Boxford (Suffolk) Farms
were Finalists for the
CSR Excellence Award
at the
FPC FreshAwards

in June 2016